MICROMEGA is a Company of recent constitution, but it uses some experience of three generations of opticians. From the constant great passion for the research and art, and from the consequent innovative push, we reached the admirable result of "Micromega", the lightest eyewear frame in the world, patented in all the European Countries, U.S.A. and China. This is the most innovative product, extraordinary for his simplicity and for his technical characteristics, to which we placed together other collections of glasses and eyewear frames, some are inspired to the same revolutionary constructive principle, others more traditional but all them of refined taste, always realized exclusively with handicraft productive systems.
Our glasses are all realized with high quality materials ,being either metals (Titanium, 14K Gold), natural buffalo horn or plate of cellulose. Lenses are exclusively high-index (very thin), impact resistent, anti-glare.
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Micromega Ottica - San Marco - Calle delle Ostreghe 2436 - 30124 Venice Italy P.iva: 03270580271
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